Window Film Buildings

Silver Reflective

Silver Reflective Films are the most versatile films and offer great value. They offer fantastic heat reduction and privacy while preventing expensive items inside the building from fading.

Nano Ceramic Films (Non Reflective)

Nano Ceramic Films are fantastic heat reduction films that have no reflective / mirror look to them. They allow you to keep your view and natural light while reducing heat. These films absorb heat has the solar rays make contact with the glass pane.

Metalized Sputter Film

Metalized Films contain microscopic metal particles in the polyester that reflect heat away from the glass without having a strong reflective / mirror like appearance. Because the heat is reflected (and not absorbed) there is a very low risk of thermal stress on the glass pane. The window panes don’t carry as much heat as nano ceramic films which improves the heat reduction even further.

Color Reflective Film

Colour Reflective Films are unique yet versatile films and offer great value. Enjoy fantastic heat reduction and privacy while standing out.

Non Reflective 2 Ply Films

Non-Reflective (NR) Black films are designed for privacy, glare reduction, safety and protecting building contents from getting damaged from UV rays.
The NR films only reduce 11% of heat though, so if you are looking for a non-reflective heat reduction film then rather look at our Nano Ceramic range.
Whether you choose a very dark film, or a clear film, the heat reduction will remain the same.

Decorative Films

Decorative Films are mainly used for interiors although the colour reflective films can be used for solar heat reduction too.

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