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Apex Auto Shield™ is Southern Africa’s premium Smash & Grab Tinting Film and Vehicle Protective Coatings supplier.

Smash & Grab Tinting
Smash & Grab Tinting Protects Yourself & Your Possessions

Smash & Grab Tinting by Apex Auto Shield™ is an automotive industry leader in tensile strength, puncture strength and colour stability. Our focus is on keeping customers safe, while enhancing the style of your vehicle.

Heat Shield
Drive in Comfort, Protected from the Sun’s
Harmful UV Rays

Heat Shield by Apex Auto Shield™ is a virtually clear film shield that ensures an extremely comfortable drive. It effectively reduces 82% if incoming heat rays when applied to the inside of your windshield. It also reduces night glare by 22% and cancer causing UV rays by 99%.

Protective Coatings
Extend the Life of your Vehicle Interior & Exterior Paint Finish

Protective Coatings by Apex Auto Shield™ are the industry leaders in durability when it comes to protecting your vehicles paint and interior. We specialize in Ceramic and Nano Coatings.

Paint & Headlight Film
Defend Against Chips & Scratches from Flying Stones & Debris

Paint & Headlight Protection Film by Apex Auto Shield™ is a new generation of clear urethane film that is extremely durable. It protects areas of your vehicle that are prone to damage from stone chips and scratches.
Our film is a heavy duty 200 micron film with high gloss and self healing properties.

Solar, decorative and security films for homes and offices

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